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Cobalt Saber Fire (Japanese: コバルトセイバーファイヤー, Kobaruto Seibaa Faiyaa) is a Power-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman belonging to Yamato Delgado. It was released in Japan on December 11th, 2004 as part of the Battle B-Daman toyline, and sold for 819円, also coming packaged with the Drive Shot.

(Note: The status of this B-Daman is based on the game Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! GBA)

Skeleton and Armor

Cobalt Saber Fire, like its predecessor, features a white skeleton.

Head Armor and Visor: Fire Visor & Fire Sight

The Fire Visor is similar to the previous Saber Visor, but with new designs, and a pair of small, red horns jutting rearward and upwards. The Fire Sight is an upgraded version of the Saber Sight, with a red and white design and a longer length.

Wrist Armor: Fire Shield

The Fire Shield gauntlets serve the same purpose as the original Gun Shields, but appear to be usable for gripping the B-Daman by its arms.

Foot Armor: Cobalt Foot

Another redesign of the Cobalt Foot made for this B-Daman, this time featuring white stickers with flame designs and the #02 in the middle along red lines.

Wing Armor: Fire Wings

The ultimate evolution of the Cobalt Power Wing, the Fire Wings feature a pair of hinged outer wing units with spring suspension mechanisms on them. When the outer wings are folded in, it is in "Level 1" mode. In "Level 2" mode, they are folded outward, with the spring suspension units squeezing in the upper Hold Parts of the Core for an extra boost of power. The inner wings can also be used like grip handles, too. 

NOTE: The Level 2 mode can only work with the Drive or Delta Cores.

Drive Core

An update to the Delta Core, the Drive Core features a rubber Drive Strip on its bottom Hold Part. When a B-Dama is fired from this Core, the rubber strip gives it a forward spin, as it knocks down a target powerfully. It is of a white coloration with baby-blue Hold Parts. When matched with the Drive Shot, friction is created for a fast and powerful shot.

Other Versions

  • Crimson Saber - Crimson and gold recolor featured only in the B-Daman Fire Spirits! video game.
  • Cobalt Saber Fire Clear Ver. - Winners' Battle Colosseum Strike Battle Set.
  • Cobalt Saber Crystal Ver. - Clear recolor with the trigger and red horns still in solid colors. Tournament prize. 
  • Cobalt Bottle Fire G - A Bottleman remake of Cobalt Saber Fire, released in the God Cap line. It uses parts from other Bottleman releases such as Cobalt Bottle G, Dragurt G, Kokuryuoh G. It acts as a direct evolution to Cobalt Bottle G.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!


  • The Drive Core's color scheme would later reappear in Drive Garuburn's own Drive Core.
  • The mechanism in the Fire Wing is similar to that of the Ultimate Arm, in which hinged units that can be pressed to squeeze in the Hold Parts for stronger shots.





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