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Cobalt Sword (Japanese: コバルトソード, Kobarutosōdo) is a Power-Type DHB System B-Daman and the first-ever release in the Battle B-Daman franchise, which started in Japan on March 21st, 2002, and it sold for 880円. It also had an early release in the 2002 Winter World Hobby Fair on January 26th, 2002.

It is associated with Battle B-Daman main character Daiwa Yamato, being his first B-Daman in the Battle B-Daman manga. Cobalt sword is also referred to as the "younger brother" of Cobalt Geist, the B-Daman that Enjyu would later customize into Shred Kaiser.

Cobalt Sword was succeeded in its lineage by Cobalt Blade, Cobalt Saber, Cobalt Saber Fire, Cobalt Blaster, and finally Cobalt Blaster Drive Cannon.

Special Features[]

As the first release in the DHB Series, Cobalt Sword largely defined the 'standard' functionality of B-Daman in the line. It bears a normal core and trigger as used repeatedly in later releases in the series, and most of its body parts have no particularly unusual function. Its sole unique feature is the iconic horn on its head, which may be used as an extremely simple sighting mechanism.


  • Body Parts: As the progenitor of the Cobalt lineage, Cobalt Sword originated several recurring design features such as the gradient flame sticker details and the iconic yellow "scar" across one eye. Unusually for the lineage, rather than a deep-blue-on-white scheme, its body parts have a cyan base colour. Compared to later Cobalt lineage members, Cobalt Sword's design includes many smooth curves and aerodynamic shapes rather than blocky or angular ones, though it bears the same single blade-like horn as its successors.
  • Core: Cobalt Sword is built around a standard DHB System core with a grey housing and a neon green pit shield canopy. This core defines the standard capabilities of a DHB System B-Daman, with typical two-clawed hold parts and the standard set of DHB System hardpoints and DHB target connections.
  • Emblem Stones: Cobalt Sword's first Emblem Stone features the green, cartoonish cat logo seen on Yamato's vest against a yellow background. Its second Emblem stone shows a red flame over a blue six-pointed star, set against a dark grey field.


  • Cobalt Sword Black ver - Cobalt Sword Special Set exclusive. Black with a clear orange helm, and gold stickers. 
  • Cobalt Sword Plain Clear + Blue Mekki ver - Fukubako 2003.
  • Cobalt Sword Battle Mode Set Blue Clear ver - A clear limited edition version of Cobalt Sword also packaged with a special-coloured version of the Shield Sight & Attack Point.
  • Cobalt Sword Red ver - Limited Red recolor of cobalt sword, distributed by lucky draw


Battle B-Daman (Manga)[]

Yamato owned Cobalt Sword prior to the plot in the Manga. It was shown that it was taken away by a gigantic bird right at the beginning, before he took it back.

Cobalt Sword lasted until past the quarterfinals of the Winners Tournament. It was broken due to Yamato exerting too much force onto it while trying to do a squeeze attack against a mind-controlled Liena to save her. It was then succeeded by Cobalt Blade for the remaining matches.





  • Chuang Yi's translations made a mistake right at the beginning of the series, calling this B-Daman Cobalt Blade instead due to the fact most of the country outside Japan were only exposed to the tv-animation version. Unlike Japan, the manga were released by Shogakukan in CoroCoro Magazine along with Takara already had the production of Cobalt Sword to the Battle B-Daman toyline before it's gain popularity to the tv-animation ver.
  • Most of the early Takara Battle B-Daman toyline like Cobalt Sword had small SHOPRO decal on their packaging due to licensing and merchandising properties owned by Shogakukan.Inc. The copyright to Battle B-Daman at that time is Inuki Eiji, Shogakukan, and finally Takara.
  • The core body design of the DHB system is directly based on the last Super B-Daman System, the E-Unit System. Some of Takara catalogs reference the DHB System B-Daman under the name "Battle Unit".
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