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Combat Phoenix (Japanese: コンバットフェニックス, Konbatto Fenikkusu) is a Power-Type B-Daman, and the first B-Daman in the PI-EX System. It was released on July 17th, 1999 in Japan for 680円. It is the fifth B-Daman owned by Tamago Tosaka in the Super B-Daman manga.

EX Frame[]

Combat Phoenix has a dark gray EX Frame, to which the other parts of the B-Daman can be attached.

EX Head[]

The EX Head is a redesign of the original Battle Phoenix's PI Head, in which the #05 is no longer there, along with a new phoenix design on top, and a spoiler with "PHOENIX" on it, in addition to two-toned blue designs and the famous gray visor with green anime-eyes. On the sides reads "TAMAGO", its owner's name in the anime.

EX Arms: Spring Arms[]

Combat Phoenix has a pair of EX Spring Arms, which increases the B-Daman's power by squeezing in the Hold Parts, that which works only with the Astal System EX Core (see below). Attachable and removable via Philips screwdriver.

EX Core: Astral System[]

The Astral System is an EX Core with a set of five Hold Parts in a formation like a five-pointed star, hence the name. On one of the Hold Parts is a black, rubber Drive Strip, which gives any B-Dama fired from this B-Daman a forward spin, to knock down targets powerfully. To reduce any unwanted friction, four of the Hold Parts each has a groove cut into the rear area.

EX Trigger: Stabilize Trigger[]

The Stabilize Trigger, which attaches to the rear of the EX Frame, has a wide lip with a rubber covering that allows the user to use two thumbs to push it to fire B-Dama. This piece also has a guide rail for easy loading.

EX Foot[]

They are two white pieces with two-toned blue designs.

Other Versions[]

  • Combat Phoenix Metal-Plated Ver. - Fukubako 2000, comes with a metal-plated coloration of the EX Mega Cannon Wing.
  • Combat Phoenix Blue Ver. - Fukubako 2000, comes with a blue version of the EX Burst Trigger
  • Combat Phoenix Black Ver. - Fukubako 2000, comes with a white variant of the EX Core Round Claws
  • Combat Phoenix Clear Ver. - Limited edition
  • Combat Phoenix Special Set Clear Ver. - Phoenix Special Set
  • Combat Phoenix Gold-Plated Ver.  - Tournament prize
  • Combat Phoenix Type-2000 - Limited edition
  • Rising Valkyrie - Upgrade kit exclusive with the limited edition box set of Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman Gekitan! Rising Valkyrie!.

Super B-Daman (manga)[]

Combat Phoenix is the upgraded form of Battle Phoenix, created by Dr. Tamano. However, it was at 50% completion at the time when Tamago started using it. It would be some time before its Mega Cannon Wings could be made.





  • Combat Phoenix is the second-ever B-Daman to be released with a cannon arm-type mechanism, in the form of the sold-separately EX Mega Cannon Wing.
  • The only other B-Daman with Astral Hold Parts is Justice Ifrit from Crash B-Daman.