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Cool Helios (Japanese: クールヘリオス, Kuruheriosu) is a Power-Type B-Daman of the PI-EX System. It was released in November 1999 in Japan for 680円.

EX Frame[]

Cool Helios has the standard dark gray EX Frame, where all the other parts can attach.

EX Head[]

The B-Daman has a bluish EX Head with a pink visor and an Eye Point Blade as an aiming guild.

EX Arms[]

EX Core: Three Claws[]

This EX Core features a set of three Hold Parts in the familiar "Delta" formation. However, unlike the Astral System, it has no rubber strip to give the marble a forward spin. Essentially the spiritual predecessor to the Delta Core from Battle B-Daman's Blaster Core System.

EX Trigger[]

While it is a standard EX Trigger, this particular example comes with a lip designed with extra surface area.

EX Adjuster Foot[]

As the name suggests, this EX Foot piece is adjustable, featuring a simple sliding mechanism to control the amount of surface area.


Super B-Daman (manga)[]






  • This B-Daman is named after Helios, the Titan who personifies the Sun in Greek Mythology.
  • Cool Helios has two things in common with Cobalt Saber; A blade on the head for aiming at targets, and a Core that has three Hold Parts in a triangular formation.