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Cornell is a minor character in Battle B-Daman. He was formerly friends with Enjyu in his childhood.

During the National B-Daman Championships, Cornell had his friends try to bribe Enjyu to lose on purpose, only for the latter to reject the money. He then falsely accused Enjyu of cheating, disgracing him and driving the latter towards the Shadow Alliance.


At first, Cornell and Enjyu had a sense of camaraderie between them. However, he is actually cowardly, incorrigible, irresponsible, and self-serving. He cared more about maintaining a good reputation as a B-DaPlayer, even at the expense of others. Especially, if it meant bribing someone to lose to him on purpose, as well as to falsely accuse others of cheating.



Battle B-Daman
Opponent/Challenge Outcome Battle Type
Nigrim (Flashback) No Result Direct Hit Battle
Enjyu (Flashback) Lose Direct Hit Battle



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