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Cover of the first volume, depicting Hitto Tamaga with the principal characters.

Burst Ball HIT! Crash B-Daman (Japanese: 爆球Hit! クラッシュビーダマン, Bakukyuu Hit! Kurasshu Biidaman) is the manga adaptation of the Crash B-Daman anime series, and fifth B-Daman manga series overall. It was serialized monthly in CoroCoro Comic. The first volume was released on June 28, 2006 whilst its second volume was released on December 25, 2006; and the third and last volume released on April 27, 2007. All volumes retailed for 420円. It is written and illustrated by Tomoya Kuratani.

The manga has a completely different storyline than the anime series. The essential elements of the anime series such as the main focus of the story, the corporate evils, being replaced with a much darker, sinister and violent plot.


Hitto Tamaga used to live a peaceful life in Manaka City. With his gifted sight he, along with his friend Mamoru Matoba, runs small errands for people who lost their valuables. However, Hitto's life is bound to change on his eleventh birthday.

Therein; Hitto receives his B-Daman, Magnum Ifrit from his father. Since that day forth, several dangerous individuals had been after Hitto's Magnum Ifrit. Making matters worse is that his father has been kidnapped by what Hitto's new friends believed to be the Assassins from the Evil Deity Organization.

With the help of his friends and the power of Magnum Ifrit; Hitto steps forward to rescue his father. Along the way, he slowly discovers the truths about him which had been hidden since the decade past.