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Crash B-Daman Limited Edition (Japanese: クラッシュビーダマンリミテッドエディション, Kurasshu Bīdaman Rimiteddo Edeishon) is a Crash B-Daman collection pack featuring three custom B-Daman. It was released on June 23, 2006 in Japan.


  • Magnum Tauros Kodoh Custom - Power-Type; Black and white Magnum Grip, white Tauros B-Daman and black Magnum Barrel with Rave Pegasus motif. It also features Magnum Ifrit's Hold Parts.
  • Rave Pegasus Hitto Custom - Control-Type; semi-clear gray Rave Grip, red Pegasus B-Daman and semi-clear gray Bal Barrel with Magnum Ifrit motif.
  • Iron Ifrit Jubee Custom - Rapid-Fire-Type; White and black Iron Grip, green Ifrit B-Daman and white Iron Barrel (Bal Tauros motif) with white Iron Fore Grip. It also features Shade Wyvern's Hold Parts.



  • This is the only Crash B-Daman release without a product code.
  • Jubee Sanada's Iron Ifrit is the only B-Daman in this collection not utilizing any Bal Tauros parts.
    • Additionally, the Rave Pegasus Hitto Custom is the only B-Daman of this collection using separate sets for its Grip and Barrel.