Crewmates are single appearance characters in Battle B-Daman.

A B and CA, B and C
English Voice Actor Steve Blum
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Age 19
Occupation Shipping Crewmates
Non Battle Character

Battle B-Daman

The Crewmates first appear as pirate members under their leader Captain Fin. Each of them are marked with a Letter A through E making five of them. They discover Yamato, Grey, Bull and Terry stowing away on their ship and immediatly took them to Captain Fin. The Crewmates teach them several jobs on the ship including cleaning and cooking. When the ship is attacked by Fin Junior they fight back using gaint b-daman shaped cannons but are easily outmatched. It is revealed that they are all a shipping company and have their own commercial featuring the crewmates. The crewmates say goodbye all together when Yamato and the gang leave the ship.



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