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Cross Fight Gear is specially-designed equipment for a B-Der's use in Crossfire events in B-Daman Crossfire.

Cross Fight Gear
Kakeru's Gear

Equipment Description[]

Special equipment is administered to players registered with the Crossfire, players recieve this gear to communicate with and participate in Crossfire.


  • Phone: A Special phone only used for communication with Cross Fight is given to any registered player. The phone rings and shows a message saying "Call C-Fight", and then sends the B-Shot the location of Crossfire. During a Crossfire challenge, a B-Shot uses the B-Phone for a roulette, deciding when one would participate.
  • Gloves: Special gloves are given to players participating in Crossfire. These gloves are equipped with a meter measuring a B-Shot's adrenaline, heart and momentum rate and the meter rises accordingly. Once the meter is full, the B-Shot can use his/her Super-Shot.
  • Head Set: A specially-designed head set is given to the player for communications and distance calculations in mid battle. The head set is a simple ear piece, but can also be used to check scores and player stats mid-battle by using a holographic screen that floats in front of the B-Shot's face.

Equipment Photos[]