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The DHB System (Japanese: DHBシステム, DHB shisutemu) is the very first parts system that began the Battle B-Daman toyline, starting with the release of Cobalt Sword. It was the first new B-Daman toy series after the end of Super B-Daman's final series, the E-Unit System. The DHB System was later directly succeeded within Battle B-Daman by the Zero System.


The DHB System is designed with the emphasis on the Direct Hit Battle game. Each B-Daman consists of these six parts, and are assembled and disassembled similarly to B-Damans of the E-Unit System.


The Head has a hinged canopy that pops open and releases the Legend Stone (see Legend Stones) when the Attack Point is struck by a marble from an opposing B-Daman.


It is essentially the B-Daman's chest armor, and attaches to the front of the Core Part, just above the barrel.


They are what you'd expect them to be; the B-Daman's arms. They usually provide a means for the user to grip the B-Daman. Some of them have gimmicks.


The legs of the B-Daman, which attach to the sides of the Core Part's lower area.


The part needed to fire B-Dama. Attaches to the rear of the Core Part.

Core Part[]

The central component of the B-Daman, to which all of the other parts attach. It has an ejection port to which a DHB Attack Point can be attached. When the Attack Point is struck, the ejection port is triggered, causing the Legend Stone to pop out of the Head's canopy and prevent the player from firing any more B-Dama.

Legend Stones[]

A Legend Stone (Japanese: エンブレムストーン, Enburemusutōn, Emblem Stone) is a medallion that you would place in the Head's canopy, and is ejected when your Attack Point is struck in a Direct Hit Battle. The main objective, is to earn the Legend Stones from your opponents by defeating them in DHB. There are also ports on the Shield Sight where they can be stored.

List of B-Daman in the DHB System[]

Other model numbers included various battle mode sets, arena playsets, and re-releases of certain Super B-Daman kits as the "Limited Model Series". A full listing can be seen at the List of Products


  • The DHB System was featured in the original Battle B-Daman manga, and was the first series of Battle B-Daman Toys released. However, when the series was adapted to anime, the DHB System was skipped and the anime started with the Zero System.