Dark Zephyr
Dark zephyr
Product Code N/A
Type Control
Price $6.99 USD (U.S.)
System Zero System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan {{{releasejp}}}
English 2003
Armor Dark Zephyr
Skeleton Brown IBA Body
Power {{{powerstat}}}
Rapid-Fire {{{rapidfirestat}}}
Control {{{controlstat}}}
Owner None
First Appearance None
Special Move(s) None

Dark Zephyr is a Control-Type Zero System B-Daman, and a Hasbro-exclusive recolor of Chrome Zephyr. It was released in the Battle B-Daman toyline internationally in 2005 by Hasbro.

IBA Body

Being a Zero System B-Daman, Dark Zephyr uses a brown IBA Body for its skeletal structure, to which the external armor pieces could be attached.

Head Armor and Visor: Chrome Visor & Twin Fin Sight

The Chrome Visor resembles to a crow with the visor having a beak. The Twin Fin Sight allows you to look through the middle of the B-Daman's head and use the beak to line up the target.

Shoulder Armor

The Shoulder Armor resembles two crow wings and has the word Zephyr on its right shoulder. It has two wings on each shoulder.

Wing Armor: One Hand Booster

The One Hand Booster allows you to fire the B-Daman with one hand, while you reload the B-Daman with the other hand.

Foot Armor

The Foot Armor is long and pointed for stability.

Trigger Armor: Extended Trigger

This Trigger Armor, when attached to the B-Daman's trigger, lengthens it 


As with all Zero System B-Daman, Dark Zephyr's Core, featuring dark red Basic Hold Parts and a dark red Basic Trigger, is not interchangeable as in the the later Blaster Core System


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