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Dark Zephyr is a Control-Type Zero System B-Daman, and a Hasbro-exclusive recolor of Chrome Zephyr. It was released in the Battle B-Daman toyline internationally in 2005 by Hasbro.

IBA Body[]

Being a Zero System B-Daman, Dark Zephyr uses a brown IBA Body for its skeletal structure, to which the external armor pieces could be attached.

Head Armor and Visor: Chrome Visor & Twin Fin Sight[]

The Chrome Visor resembles to a crow with the visor having a beak. The Twin Fin Sight allows you to look through the middle of the B-Daman's head and use the beak to line up the target.

Shoulder Armor[]

The Shoulder Armor resembles two crow wings and has the word Zephyr on its right shoulder. It has two wings on each shoulder.

Wing Armor: One Hand Booster[]

The One Hand Booster allows you to fire the B-Daman with one hand, while you reload the B-Daman with the other hand.

Foot Armor[]

The Foot Armor is long and pointed for stability.

Trigger Armor: Extended Trigger[]

This Trigger Armor, when attached to the B-Daman's trigger, lengthens it 


As with all Zero System B-Daman, Dark Zephyr's Core, featuring dark red Basic Hold Parts and a dark red Basic Trigger, is not interchangeable as in the the later Blaster Core System