Dashing Tankshell
Product Code CB-78
Type Rapid Fire
Price 997円
System Emblem Charge System
Series Cross Fight B-Daman eS
Release Dates
Japan June 22, 2013
English TBA
Body Set Deathshell
Core Part Gatling
Power TBA
Rapid-Fire TBA
Control TBA
Owner Genta Ankokuji
First Appearance Mode Change of Friendship! Assault=Dragren
Special Move(s) Storm Inferno, Storm Dark Inferno (Emblem Charge), Infinite Dark Inferno (w/Dash Stabilizer)

Gatling=Deathshell (Japanese: ガトリング=デスシエル, Gatoringu=Desushieru) is a Rapid-Fire Type B-Daman to be released as part of the Emblem Charge System's Gimmick Specialty Series. It released as a Special Starter on June 22, 2013 in Japan for 997円.

It is wielded by Genta Ankokuji in the Cross Fight B-Daman eS anime.

Body Set: Deathshell Body

Head Part: Deathshell Head

This Head Part is quite bulbous while harboring two, thin spikes jutting upward at its sides. It has a semi-translucent violet color scheme.

Emblem Parts: Deathshell Emblem

Gatling=Deathshell has a singular Emblem Part consisting of a hexagon surrounded by six other hexagons, giving the effect of the hexagon patterns on a tortoise's shell. It can be taken apart and mounted on either Arm Part.

Stud Parts

These Stud Parts are cylindrical and of a solid black coloration.

Arm Parts: Deathshell Arm

Deathshell's Arm Parts mold into a bending format while using a spike on each shoulder; protruding outwards similar to the Head Part. They are of a violet coloration. The shoulder-spikes can be removed and placed on the feet of Spike=Phoenix's Leg Part.

Leg Part: Deathshell Leg

The feet of the Leg Part seem slightly long and linear. Semi-translucent violet is used for its colour scheme. They are hollow, as a means of weight reduction.

Core Part: Gatling


Gatling Unit (click to show).

The Gatling Core features a two-handled crank known as the Gatling Unit, which can be turned to fire a stream of B-Dama, and has a removable grip that can be put on either socket. It bears resemblance to the Sonic Core Part in appearance, but in semi-translucent purple and black parts. It also appears to have cylindrical rollers on its Hold Parts.


Cross Fight B-Daman eS (anime)





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