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Delta Breaker (Japanese: デルタブレイカー, Deruta Bureeka) is a Power-Type Over Shell System B-Daman. It is a repackaged version of Fighting Phoenix from Super B-Daman. It was released December 2002 in Japan and sold for 500円, as part of the low-cost Limited series in the Battle B-Daman toyline. It comes in four different color schemes, and there is a 1/4 (25%) chance of getting any of them.

Head Gear[]

Seeing as this B-Daman is a repackaging of Fighting Phoenix, one can expect it to use the same mold, and as a result, it has the exact same Head Gear design as its Super B-Daman counterpart. It also uses a different stickers; a radar in its visor, a larger, two-toned sticker on top of its head reading "BATTLE B-DAMAN", along with smaller stickers on the temples with the JBA initials and a smaller line sticker on the chin area.

Side Arms[]

Feet Part[]

System Core: Delta System[]

The Delta System has a set of three Hold Parts in an upside-down triangular formation, hence the name. On the bottom Hold Part is the one feature that would forever change the history of B-Daman; a rubber Drive Strip, which allows a B-Dama to spin forward when fired, knocking down a target more powerfully than with regular Power-Type B-Daman.

Color Schemes[]

As mentioned above, this B-Daman comes in four different color schemes.

  1. Blue
  2. Orange
  3. Silver
  4. Black

Competitive Value[]

Being a Power-Type B-Daman with a Drive Strip, it is a must-have for games where Power-Types are the most recommended. Of course, due to the Drive Strip being made of rubber, it may wear down after multiple uses. Because of its current rarity nowadays, it is recommended for collection purposes.



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