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Not to be confused with the Chrome Levan DX Customize Set

The Deluxe Customize Set (Korean: 디럭스커스터마이즈세트, Dileogseu Keoseuteomaijeu Seteu) is a set released for the Bead Man 2 toy line under the Zero2 System. It was released sometime during 2005 in South Korea for 30,000원.


The Chrome Levan DX Customize Set advertises five different customizations of Chrome Levan that can be created through the included parts.

Chrome Levan Power Type[]

Chrome Levan Rapid Fire Type[]

Chrome Levan Control Type[]

Chrome Levan Balance Type[]

Chrome Levan DHB Type[]



  • One side of the packaging mistakenly calls the Core for Chrome Levan Control Type the Roller Core, when it actually is the Long Core