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'Derek Watari (Japanese: 渡ダイキ / 渡大輝 Watari Daiki) is a character appearing in the anime series, B-Daman Crossfire and B-Daman Fireblast. His B-Daman is Supreme Tigare.

Official Bio[]

Formerly a top B-Shot in the South Block.

His B-Daman, Supreme Tigare, excels at both precision and rapid-fire.

He used to rule the South Block as the “Boss of the South.”

He is a troublemaker with a rough and careless manner.

He respects and follows Novu Moru. Who is the true "Boss of the South.".


Derek has a very short stature with long brown hair that curves off to the left, bordered with yellow highlights. He's often seem wearing a grey, hooded sweatshirt with eye-like designs on the hood (this sweatshirt is also worn by the various west-block B-shots who joined Derek while he was under the alias of the "Boss of the South"). Derek also wears a red, blue and yellow t-shirt, featuring a large mouth-like image. His unique, trademark image is completed with pair of black, yellow-spotted shorts.


Derek is usually described as a loyal B-shot. His loyalty is heavily shown whenever he is with Novu Moru, like calling him 'Boss' and always helping him for whatever Novu needs. He also still remains loyal to Novu even when he abandoned him after the friendship Break Bomber battle, as he shouts out for his Boss' during a tournament in the West GP series instead of trying to collect points.


  • He always says Tiger whenever doing an action, mostly because of his love for tigers.


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