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Don't falter, Kagero. I am the lone wolf's inseparable friend. I will follow you to the ends of the earth.

—Wolg to Ken Ogami (Episode 8)

Detonate Wolg (Japanese: ガンロック=ヴォルグ, Ganrokku=Vuorugu, Gunlock=Wolg) is a Power Type B-Daman, released as part of the Emblem Charge System. It was released on November 22, 2012 in Japan for 945円.

Body Set: Wolg[]

Head Part: Wolg Head[]

Clearly meant to resemble a wolf head, given the B-Daman's motif, with red wolf-eye designs and a visor in its snarling maw.

Emblem Parts[]

The Emblem Parts of this B-Daman are uniquely designed, somewhat like switches. When you lower these Emblems a little, power is added to the Detonate Core (see Core Part: Detonate below) for stronger shots.

Stud Parts[]

Detonate Wolg has dark brown Stud Parts.

Arm Parts: Wolg Arm[]

Leg Part: Wolg Leg[]

The feet are basic but on the back, it has slots that can accommodate Drive Garuburn's Multi Claws.

Core Part: Detonate[]

Detonate (Japanese: ガンロック, Gunlock) features the Gunlock Tail, a smash trigger unit similar to Smash Dragold's, but with an extra area, to prevent the finger from slipping away when trying to push down the trigger to fire, but the purpose remains the same.

Other Versions[]

B-Daman Fireblast (anime)[]

Detonate Wolg along with his owner, Ken Ogami, first appear in ES004 running away from the Master Guardians. Ken uses Detonate Wolg to set off a smoke screen capsule as they disappear. Little did they know that they were being watched by Misuru Hachuka while hiding in a dumpster. The next day, Misuru (wearing a disguise) informs a boy named Kamon Day about Ken and Detonate Wolg. With the information Kamon recieved from a disguised Misuru, Kamon wanted to challenge Ken and Detonate Wolg with his Drive Garuburn. After Ken and Wolg beat another B-Der who betrayed him, the Master Guardians appear once again and Ken and Wolg make a run for it. While escaping from the Master Guardians, Ken bumps into Kamon and immediately walks away. Kamon kept following Ken around, hoping to challenge him. After a while, Kagero decides to accept Kamon's challenge band the terms were, If Kamon wins, Ken would listen to what the former has to say. If Ken wins, Kamon must return to the Southern Area of Crestland or else.





  • Gunlock is a portmenteau of "gun" and "unlock".