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Unleash the darkness, Double Drazeros!

—Basara, firing Drazeros' Super-Shot, "Double-Headed Dragon Strike".

Double Drazeros (Japanese: ツイン=ドラゼロス, Tsuin=Dorazerosu, Twin=Drazeros) is a Special-Type Core Change System B-Daman appearing in the anime series, B-Daman Crossfire. It is owned by Basara Kurofuchi and is one of the five Legendary Dragon B-Daman. As of Cross Fight B-Daman eS, it was upgraded to Stream=Drazeros, a B-Daman from the Emblem Charge System

Body Set: Drazeros Body[]

Head Part: Drazeros Head[]

The Head Part of this B-Daman has a crest composed of the twin dragon heads that give the B-Daman its motif. Below the two heads are a pair of fierce, purple anime-eyes and a mouthpiece.

Stud Parts[]

This B-Daman had solid white Stud Parts.

Arm Parts: Drazeros Arm[]

Drazeros' Arm Parts are similar in design to Thunder Dracyan's, but each with a purple jewel at the hands.

Drazeros Wing Parts[]

Hinged at the back of the shoulders of the Arm Parts are a pair of Wing Parts that each have a space for storing marbles. They can also be folded back to act as grip handles

Leg Part: Drazeros Leg[]

The Leg Part of this B-Daman resemble pointed boots.

Core Part: Twin[]

Twin is semi-translucent purple in color with a white barrel, Hold Parts, and an elongated trigger. Its gimmick, is that one can fire two marbles at once with a single push of the Trigger, which is assisted by the elongated core and trigger.

B-Daman Crossfire (anime)[]

Double Drazeros was found in the abandoned building by Basara Kurochi, who takes it on as his new B-Daman after his WBMA Proto 01 broke during a challenge. It is later revealed that Novu Moru had created Drazeros' B-Daman as part of his scheme to resurrect Smash Dragold, and had left it in that abandoned building.

Other Versions[]

  • Round=Drazeros Special Metallic Ver. - Exclusive to the CB-49 Super Dragon Double Set. Chrome-colored Body Set, blue Round Core with yellow Trigger and Hold Parts.
  • Twin=Drazeros SP Set Ver. - Exclusive to the CB-40 Twin=Drazeros SP Set. Semi-translucent purple Body Set, translucent Twin Core with black parts and Trigger.
  • Twin=Drazeros Gold-Plated Ver. - ToysRUs exclusive. Golden Body Set, black Twin Core with gold-colored Hold Parts.
  • Drazeros Wing Parts Dragold Ver. - Event exclusive re-color. Semi-translucent gold.
  • Twin=Drazeros Master Special Ver. - Exclusive prize from Master Horikawa and CoroCoro Comic. Metallic maroon and gold re-color.


  • Drazeros' name is a portmanteau of "Dragon" and "Zeros", which could be a reference to the HTML colour hex code #000000, which produces black.
  • The gimmick where two marbles are fired at once at a single push of the trigger, has been around since Super B-Daman, starting with König Cerberus from the Over Shell System.
  • Even though Drazeros has the ability to fire two B-Dama at the same time with a single push of the trigger, it does not have an adjustable rubber strip for back-spin, or curved shots, with that privilege going to Drift Jaku.
  • He is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama in Japanese and by Jamieson Price (credited as Taylor Henry) in English.
  • He shares the same English voice actor (Jamieson Price AKA Taylor Henry) with Sly from Battle B-Daman.