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Dr. Tamano Special (Japanese: Dr. タマノスペシャルDokutātamanosupesharu) is a B-Daman in the Bomber System. It was released January 1998 in Japan for 1,500円.

Dr. Tamano Special Bomberman[]

This black Bomberman B-Daman blaster has light green arms, antenna, and feet. On the wrists of the arms are two extensions seen on the shoulders of OS B-Daman Side Arms, essentially making it a hybrid between the two systems. On the sides of its head are stickers with Dr. Tamano's signature with "JBA LABO" below it. It has no Hold Parts, but has a small, gray ramp that serves as part of its gimmick.

Sliding Trigger System[]

This part provides the user with a sliding mechanism that can be used to pass B-Dama into the Motor Barrel. It is gray with the slider having two tiny handlebars, and has a pair of fins spread apart and positioned downwards to provide rearward stability. It is essentially a simplified version of Junker Unicorn's Snap Trigger.

Motor Barrel[]

The defining feature of this B-Daman, is this exclusive OS Part, which features a small, battery-powered electric motor that spins a wheel that flicks B-Dama out of a large, lengthy barrel, when the marbles are passed into it with the Sliding Trigger System. It is 120mm (4.72 inches) long, and has a Shot Selector switch for two different firing modes; one for single shots, and the other for rapid-fire shots.




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