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Dragogale (Japanese: ドラゴゲイル, Doragogeiru) is Joshua's Rapid Fire/Accuracy-Type B-Daman in the Zero System. It was first released in May 2004 in Japan, and sold for 680円.

IBA Body and Armor

Dragogale has a black IBA Body, with no sticker for its visor area.

Head Armor and Visor: Drago Visor

The Drago Visor is purple with stickers for a series of silver and golden designs, in the design of a Western dragon-head. It also has stickers for a pair of blue eye designs and a small black fin.

Shoulder Armor: Gale Shoulders

These Shoulder Armor pieces each feature a black fin like the one on the Drago Visor. On one of the stickers, is "D-GALE", a shortening of Dragogale's name.

Wrist Armor: Drago Claws

The Drago Claws are of a three-fingered design, meant to resemble the claws of a dragon.

Foot Armor: Gale Foot

The Gale Foot pieces are black with gradient orange/yellow stickers, and designed to add frontward stability.

Back Armor: Tail Stand

As the name suggests, this singular stabilizer part is designed like a dragon's tail, and meant to keep the B-Daman from falling backwards.

Multi-Barrel and Multi-Magazine

The Multi-Barrel, along with the Multi-Magazine, shares a set of two removable segments, to provide options for adjusting the B-Daman's load capacity or extending the barrel for better accuracy.


Like with most IBA Body Cores, they're not interchangeable. It has an orange Basic Trigger and Basic Hold Parts.

Other Versions

Battle B-Daman

Dragogale is first seen in Battle B-Daman when Joshua faces Bull Borgnine in the Dragon Stage. Dragogale is shown to have incredible accuracy and control, when it is able to adapt along with Joshua in the heat of battle. Dragogale was next disguised as a stone-armored B-Daman and equipped with extremely powerful B-DaBalls. While disguised, it was even able to destroy Knight Cavalry, though Cain had let it happen as part of his scheme to destroy Cobalt Blade.

Dragogale is next used in an attempt to stop the creation of Cobalt Saber, and battles it along with Chrome Zephyr, but is defeated by Cobalt Saber's new abilities. Dragogale is shown to have a perfect balance of accuracy and rapid fire, when Joshua is able to hit 5 targets at once simultaneously, the targets being Neo Shadow Alliance soldiers. Dragogale is shortly given to Yamato, but was given back and used to battle Lord Cavalry. Joshua lost on purpose, in order to rejoin Cain's side.