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Drift Jaku
Img cb38-1-.jpg
Product Code CB-38
Type Special
Price 788円 (Japan)
System Core Change System
Series B-Daman Crossfire
Release Dates
Japan April 28, 2012
English TBA
Body Set Jaku/Jacker
Core Part Drift
Power 2/10
Rapid-Fire 6/10
Control 4/10
Owner Asuka Kami
First Appearance N/A
Special Move(s) Hurricane Drift
Soar like a hero, Drift Jaku!

Asuka, firing Jaku's Super-Shot, the "Hurricane Drift"

Drift Jaku (Japanese: ドリフト=ジャッカー, Dorifuto=Jakkā, Drift=Jacker) is a Special-Type Core Change System B-Daman owned by Asuka Kami in the B-Daman Crossfire anime. It was first released in Japan on April 28, 2012 for 788円.

Body Set: Jaku Body

Head Part: Jaku Head

Jaku's Head Part has a fin on top of it like a peacock's plumage, along with purple eye designs, a circle in the forehead, and a red visor in an open beak.

Arm Parts: Jaku Arm

The shoulders on this B-Daman's Arm Parts are of a conical shape consisting of peacock feathers, along with two additional feathers curved to resemble humanoid arms.

Stud Parts

This B-Daman has light gray Stud Parts.

Leg Part: Jaku Leg

Jaku Leg has a "Curving/Curve Mode" gimmick, with a hinged ramp at its back. To achieve the change to Curving/Curve Mode, the user must rotate the Leg Part 180 degrees so that the ramp would be in front of the Core Part, allowing one to point the B-Daman downwards and fire curving shots.

Core Part: Drift

Drift has a long trigger (almost as long as Double Drazeros'), two Hold Parts, and an adjustable ring at the front that has a semi-translucent rubber strip. The rubber strip can be rotated for either back-spin shots, or narrow-/wide-angled Curving Shots in the B-Daman's Curving/Curve Mode.





  • In its Japanese name, Jacker's name originates from Kujaku, which is the Japanese word for "Peacock". Of course, Jaku also originated from Kujaku.
  • Drift Jaku is the latest known B-Daman that can fire curved shots when aimed downwards to the floor, with Stag Cerberus from Super B-Daman coming before it. Coincidentally, it is also the latest known B-Daman that can fire curved shots, with the gimmick's inception in November 1995's release of Golden Bomberman in Super B-Daman.
  • The Hasbro version incorrectly calls Drift Jaku as "Thunder Jaku" despite having the Drift Core.
  • Jaku is voiced in the English dub by DJ LaROSA.