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Eclipse Dragon (Japanese: エクリプスドラゴン, Ekuripusu Doragon) is a Perfect Type B-Daman in the Synchro Weapon System, owned by Kodoh Kuraki in the Crash B-Daman anime. It is the combined form of Reflect Wyvern and Shining Pegasus. A set with Gold & Clear versions of the two was released in Japan in October 2006, selling for 2100円.

When sky and moon appear altogether in the skies, awaken Eclipse Dragon!

Kodoh Kuraki, merging Reflect Wyvern and Shining Pegasus.

Core B-Daman Block: Dragon[]

Dragon is basically Wyvern 2 with Shining Pegasus' helm fin and Farm Bolts equipped to it, along with the left shoulder guard. It combines the best of two worlds into one hybrid.

Barrel Block: .67 Unity Barrel[]

The combined form of the .67 Rear and Front Barrels into an extended unit for extra accuracy.

Double Synchro Grip: Eclipse[]

Double Synchro Grip, as the name suggests, is a two-in-one Synchro Grip, in which case being Eclipse. It can be achieved by combining the Sun and Moon Synchro Grips using the Connect Server. Any one or both of the Triggers can be pressed to fire B-Dama.

Other Versions[]

  • Eclipse Dragon Gold & Clear Ver. -  Gold and yellow-brown re-color exclusive to the Eclipse Dragon set.







Eclipse Dragon Fusion

Eclipse Dragon combination sequence


  • The only other combined B-Daman mixing a dragon and equine motif together is Cross Fight B-Daman eS' Triple=Gillusion. The only difference, is that Gillusion has a kirin motif, and is a three-in-one B-Daman.
  • It is also one of the two combined B-Daman in Crash B-Daman, the other being Ultimate Bahamut.
  • This is the second B-Daman to be classified as a Perfect Type, and the first was Battle B-Daman'Revolver Hades.
  • In the manga adaptation, Eclipse Dragon's component forms are Rave Pegasus and Shade Wyvern instead of their Synchro Weapon System counterparts.
  • An eclipse is an event where an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by having another body pass between it or passing into the shadow of another body.