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Emblem Charge (Jap: エンブレムチャージ, Enburemuchāji) is a shooting technique introduced and utilized in B-Daman Fireblast.


An Emblem Charge is achieved when both of the Emblems on any Emblem Charge System B-Daman are pressed in. This will power up a shot, due to the force acting on it.


B-Daman Fireblast

When an Emblem Charge is charging up, the B-Der's eyes will light up with the Emblem's symbol representing the B-Daman they are firing from.

Kamon Godai's Drive=Garuburn was the first to use this, using it in I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!. Upon doing so, the B-Dama shot out as a fiery blaze, showing off the power. It was able to take down all the pins in a single shot due to the combined power of that and the Drive core.

In the same episode, Samuru Shigane's Sonic=Dravise performed it's first Emblem Charge. While the power wasn't demonstrated, it showed that Dravise's B-Animal appears.

In Vroom Vroom, I'll Sting You! Slot=Beedle!, Mitsuru Hachisuka's Slot=Beedle performed it's first Emblem Charge. The shot performed in a zig-zag pattern and was used to navigate between a gap in two fences during a Road Fight challenge.

Emblem Charge Shots

B-Daman Owner Emblem Charge Shot First Used
Drive=Garuburn Kamon Godai

Burning Overdrive

(バーニングオバードライブBaaningu Obadoraibu)

I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!
Sonic=Dravise Samuru Shigane

Sonic Revolution Attack

(音速疾風撃 Onsoku Shippu Geki)

I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!
Slot=Beedle Mitsuru Hachisuka

Raging Beehive Blaster

(スナイパーヘビーニードル Sunaipaa Hebii Niidoru)

Vroom Vroom, I'll Sting You! Slot=Beedle!
Across=Eagle Yuki Washimura

Arrow Wing Shot

(アローワィングシヨト Aro Uingu Shotto)

Across=Eagle! The Gluttonous Man Turns Up!
Gunlock=Wolg Kagero Ogami

Hungry Wolf Gale Shot

(餓狼烈風弾 Garou Reppudan)

To Be The Best! Cross Fight!
Kreis=Raydra Byakuga Shiranui Shining Giga Slash Road Fight Match! Arrow Wing Shot!
Stream=Drazeros Basara Kurohuchi

True Twin Dragon Judgement

(信双竜ジャッジメント Shin Souryuu Jajjimento)

Raid! Stream=Drazeros!
Mach=Sasword Simon Sumiya Stealth Venom Fire Crush! I Came With Mach=Sasword
Rising=Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Rising Overdrive War! The B-Master Battle
Assault=Dragren Novu Moru Maximum Ballistic Blast Competing with Byakuga! Assault=Dragren
Gatling=Deathshell Genta Ankokuji Storm Dark Inferno Mode Change of Friendship! Assault=Dragren
Jet=Leohjya Hugo Raidoh Imperial Thunder Claw Farewell, My Friend! Gatling=Deathciel
Dyna=Tripress Ryudo Tsunotsuki Hell Crush Dynamite An Uninvited Guest! Dyna=Triples
Ryoma Godai Double Phantom Omega An Uninvited Guest! Dyna=Triples
Triple=Gillusion Ryoma Godai Trident Phantom: The End The Ultimate Enemy! Triple=Gillusion
Spike=Phoenix Riki Ryugasaki (ES047), Kamon Godai (ES048) Phoenix Overdrive Unexpected Resurrection!? Spike=Phoenix!
B-Daman Owner Emblem Charge Shot First Used
Cannon Drive=Garuburn Kamon Godai

Exploding Overdrive

(爆熱オバードライブ Bakunetsu Obadoraibu)

Stray Wolf! Gunlock=Wolg!
Buster Kreis=Raydra Byakuga Shiranui Thunder Giga Slash No Way! Buster Leg!
Blast Drive=Garuburn Kamon Godai Quantum Blast Drive Crush! I Came With Mach=Sasword
Magnum Rising=Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Extreme Dragon Overdrive Final Battle! Garuburn VS Dracyan
Perfect Kreis=Raydra Byakuga Shiranui Shining Turbo Slash Competing with Byakuga! Assault=Dragren
Dash Gatling=Deathshell Genta Ankokuji Infinite Dark Inferno Farewell, My Friend! Gatling=Deathciel
Ultimate Drive=Garuburn Kamon Godai Ultimate Master Drive Ultimate! Ultimate Drive=Garuburn!
Ultimate Rising=Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Ultimate True Dragon Drive Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix
Ultimate Drive=Garuburn Kamon Godai

Ultimate Miracle God Drive

(アルティメットミラクルゴードドライブ  Aruteimetto Mirakuru Godo Doraibu)

Showdown at the Summit! Kamon VS Kakeru!!


On any Emblem Charge System B-Daman, holding in both Emblem Parts will apply force to the B-Dama, effectively causing a more powerful or smoother shot when fired.


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