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Emblem Charge (Jap: エンブレムチャージ, Enburemuchāji) is a shooting technique introduced and utilized in B-Daman Fireblast.


An Emblem Charge is achieved when all of the Emblems on any Emblem Charge System B-Daman are pressed in. This will power up a shot, due to the force acting on the hold parts.


B-Daman Fireblast[]

When an Emblem Charge is charging up, the user's eyes will light up with the Emblem's symbol.

Kamon Day's Drive Garuburn was the first to use this, using it in I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!. Upon doing so, the B-Dama shot out as a fiery blaze, showing off the power. It was able to take down all the pins in a single shot due to the combined power of that and the Drive core.

In the same episode, Samuru Shigami's Sonic Dravise performed its first Emblem Charge. While the power wasn't demonstrated, it showed that Dravise's B-Animal appears.

In Vroom Vroom, I'll Sting You! Slot=Beedle!, Misuru Hachuka's Slot Stinger performed its first Emblem Charge. The shot performed in a zig-zag pattern and was used to navigate between a gap in two fences during a Road Fight challenge.

Emblem Charge Shots[]

B-Daman Owner Emblem Charge Shot First Used
Drive Garuburn Kamon Day Burning Overdrive

(バーニングオバードライブBaaningu Obadoraibu)

I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!
Sonic Dravise Samuru Shigami Sonic Revolution Attack

(音速疾風撃 Onsoku Shippu Geki)

I'm Getting Fired Up! Drive=Garuburn!
Slot Stinger Misuru Hachuka Raging Beehive Blaster

(スナイパーヘビーニードル Sunaipaa Hebii Niidoru)

Vroom Vroom, I'll Sting You! Slot=Beedle!
Across Avian Yuki Washimura Arrow Wing Shot

(アローワィングシヨト Aro Uingu Shotto)

Across=Eagle! The Gluttonous Man Turns Up!
Detonate Wolg Ken Ogami Hungry Wolf Gale Shot

(餓狼烈風弾 Garou Reppudan)

To Be The Best! Cross Fight!
Kreis Raydra Bakuga Shira Shining Giga Slash Road Fight Match! Arrow Wing Shot!
Stream Drazeros Basara Kurochi True Twin Dragon Judgment

(信双竜ジャッジメント Shin Souryuu Jajjimento)

Raid! Stream=Drazeros!
Mach Scorpio Simon Sumiya Stealth Venom Fire Crush! I Came With Mach=Sasword
Rising Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Rising Overdrive War! The B-Master Battle
Force Dragren Novu Moru Maximum Ballistic Blast Competing with Byakuga! Assault=Dragren
Dashing Tankshell Jenta Kokuji Storm Dark Inferno Mode Change of Friendship! Assault=Dragren
Jet Leo Hugo Raidoh Imperial Thunder Claw Farewell, My Friend! Gatling=Deathciel
Dyna Tripress Ryan Tsunotsuki Hell Crush Dynamite An Uninvited Guest! Dyna=Triples
Left Stallion
Right Drake
Roma Day Double Phantom Omega An Uninvited Guest! Dyna=Triples
Triple Gillusion Roma Day Trident Phantom: The End The Ultimate Enemy! Triple=Gillusion
Spike Phoenix Riki Ryugasaki (ES047), Kamon Day (ES048) Phoenix Overdrive Unexpected Resurrection!? Spike=Phoenix!
B-Daman Owner Emblem Charge Shot First Used
Cannon Drive Garuburn Kamon Day Exploding Overdrive

(爆熱オバードライブ Bakunetsu Obadoraibu)

Stray Wolf! Gunlock=Wolg!
Buster Kreis Raydra Bakuga Shira Thunder Giga Slash No Way! Buster Leg!
Blast Drive Garuburn Kamon Day Quantum Blast Drive Crush! I Came With Mach=Sasword
Magnum Rising Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Crushing Tidal Burst Final Battle! Garuburn VS Dracyan
Perfect Kreis Raydra Bakuga Shira Shining Turbo Slash Competing with Byakuga! Assault=Dragren
Dash Dashing Tankshell Jenta Kokuji Infinite Dark Inferno Farewell, My Friend! Gatling=Deathciel
Ultimate Drive Garuburn Kamon Day Ultimate Master Drive Ultimate! Ultimate Drive=Garuburn!
Ultimate Rising Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Torpedo Thunder Drive Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix
Ultimate Drive Garuburn Kamon Day Ultimate Miracle Master Drive

(アルティメットミラクルゴードドライブ Aruteimetto Mirakuru Godo Doraibu)

Showdown at the Summit! Kamon VS Kakeru!!


On any Emblem Charge System B-Daman, holding in all Emblems will apply force to the hold parts, effectively causing a more powerful or smoother shot when fired.