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The Evil Deity Organization [禍神(マガジン)Magajin] are the primary antagonists of the Crash B-Daman manga by Tomoya Kuritani.


Key People[]

  • Tycoon Shou - The Founder and CEO of the Evil Deity Organization.

The Eight Descendants[]

A group of eight lethally-trained assassins each with the mark of the Evil Deity Organization in a certain part of their body.

  • Kyousuke Arasaki - The eldest of the eight descendants. An ambitious, brutal, twisted and abusive man that uses Omega Bahamut to annihilates his foes. He is infamous for tormenting Teruma.
  • Kodoh Kuraki - A cold-hearted dual-wielding assassin. He uses Rave Pegasus and Shade Wyvern.
  • Teruma Kamioka - A religious and angelic-looking young man whose often subjected to abuse by Kyousuke. He was a part of the Eight Descendants and usesSturm Griffon. He defected and joined Hitto's side.
  • Jyuuki [ジュウキ] - The strongman of the eight. His mark is in the back of his right hand. He uses glass marbles the size of bowling balls but they were easily destroyed by Hitto. He was blown off by the Bahamut Apocalypse caused by Kyousuke.



Crash B-Daman (Manga)[]


  • The Evil Deity Organization's anime counterpart is the Saionji Konzern.
  • Three major characters of the anime series namely Kyousuke, Kodoh and Teruma are portrayed way differently than their anime counterparts including their backstories being entirely different.