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Evil Levioth (Japanese: イーブルリヴァイオス, Īburu Rivu~aiosu) is a Rush/Rapid Fire Type B-Daman in the 3 Block Gear System used by Daizou Ohka and Kaito Namihira in the Crash B-Daman anime. The toy version of Daizou's Evil Levioth was released in Japan on April 20th, 2006, and it sold for 903円.

Core B-Daman Block: Levioth[]

  • Power: 2

Levioth features a pair of Power Rollers made of ABS in its Hold Parts, for strong, rapid-fire shots. These rollers are 1mm wider than those of Blitz Garuda. It has a dark blue body with black shoulder guards, and a black helm with white flames on it.

Barrel Block: .67 Compact Barrel[]

  • Power: 1
  • Control: 1

This Barrel Block is the very shortest among them all, living up to its name. It has a design resembling the barrel of a snubnosed revolver, and is light blue in color, along with a sticker reading ".67 LEVIOTH".

Grip Block: Trigger Grip D[]

  • Gear: Normal
  • Cover Parts: None

It is blue with a gradient yellow/light brown design resembling the mythical sea serpent. On the underside of the handle is a black sticker with a white, Ibex-like design with differently-shaped horns. It's worth noting that Levioth's Trigger Grip D never comes stock with any Cover Parts.

Magazine: Stock Server[]

  • Rapid Fire: 4
  • Loading: 3

The Stock Server is designed for stability on the floor of the playing field, also featuring a feed rail for marbles. It is light blue in color. 


Crash B-Daman (anime)[]




  • Levioth is based on Leviathan, a mythical aquatic beast featured in the Book of Job.
  • Only Daizou's version was released in the toy line.