Basic Information
Hair Green
Eyes Grey
Age 13
Occupation B-DaPlayer
B-Daman Platinum Wind
Japanese Voice Actor Aya Hirano
English Voice Actor N/A

Feresu is an antagonist appearing in the Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! season.


Feresu is a young teenage girl with green hair and grey looking eyes.


Feresu is a loyal member of the evil B-Deus along with her brother Equus. However, due to events that occured in the final match between Yamato's Team and B-Deus, Feresu has been kicked out of B-Deus due to her poor performance during her battle with Terry.


  • Feresu and Equus are twins.

Battle Record

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits
Opponent Result Battle Type
Yamato Delgado and Grey Michael Vincent Lose Battle Invasion
Terry McScotty Win


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