Fin Junior is a single appearance character in Battle B-Daman.

Fin Junior
Fin Jr
Basic Information
Hair Silver/Black
Eyes Black
Age 19
Occupation *Occupations
  • B-Da Player
  • Former Neo Shadow Alliance Member
  • Shipping Crewmate
B-Daman *Armored Custom
  • Zero Skelaton
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Battle B-Daman

Junior is a tall Gothic dressed man with silver hair and black eyes. He is first mentioned by his father telling him the story about how Junior went off to be a B-Da Player instead of a pirate. He first seen under the control of Marda B when he attacks his fathers ship to raid it of it's B-Daman stash.

Gray vs Jr

Grey vs. Fin Jr

It turns out his father's ship is a shipping company and they had already delivered all the B-Daman. This infuriates Junior who throws away his old B-Daman which enrages Grey and causes the two to B-Da Battle. During the B-Da Battle, Junior cheats by having the board swerve from side to side moving Grey off balance, but by utilizing the wind Grey defeats Junior and free's his mind from Marda B. After being freed he reunites with his father and has his B-Daman returned by Grey. Junior then decides to join his Fathers shipping company named Captain Fin and Son Express Shipping.


Battle B-Daman
Opponent/Challenge Outcome/Score Battle Type
Grey Michael Vincent Lose Direct Hit Battle



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