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Garuburn Ultimate DX Set
Product Code CB-83
Price 2,625円
B-Daman Included Drive=Garuburn
Tune-Up Gear Included None
Version-Up Parts Included Ultimate Arm
No. of B-Dama 2
Release Dates
Japan July 20, 2013
English None

The Garuburn Ultimate DX Set (Japanese: ガルバーン究極DXセット, Garubaan Kyuukyoku DX Setto) is the fifth Version-Up Set and the third focusing around Drive=Garuburn. It was released under the Emblem Charge System's Gimmick Specialty series on July 20, 2013 for 2,625円 in Japan.


  • Drive=Garuburn Ultimate Ver. - Clear orange and gold Body Set with a clear yellow Core with orange Hold Parts and a red Drive Strip.
  • Ultimate Arm
  • Ultimate Mail - Armor pieces complimenting the Ultimate Arm meant for use on the Garuburn Body Set
  • Spike Core - Clear red re-color with black Hold Parts, Trigger, and yellow Drive Strip.
  • 2 B-Dama (glass)



  • This is the only Version-Up Set excluding "Version-Up" in its name.
  • This is the only Version-Up Set to include a Version-Up Part that was not released separately.
  • This is the only Version-Up Set based upon Drive=Garuburn including a Core whose corresponding Body Set did not see release with a Body Random Booster.
  • Along with the Garuburn DX Version-Up Set 2, they hold the least amount of B-Dama in all Version-Up Sets.