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General Cammo is a variation of Proto One. It uses the Zero System and was a Hasbro-exclusive being released internationally from 2005-2006, selling for $6.99 USD.

It is comprised as a customization between Proto One and Dragogale.

IBA Body & Armor[]

General Cammo has a black IBA Body, with no decal for its visor area.


Shoulder Armor[]

Each piece is differently designed from the other. The larger Shoulder Armor piece has a lip reaching down to the elbow area of the arm, in addition to a white star. The other piece is of a basic, hexagonal design, with an L-shaped extension. That piece's size is meant to give room for attaching the Target Shield.

Foot Armor[]

The Foot Armor is camo green and resembles a simplified version of Lightning Kahn's Foot Armor.

Target Shield[]

As the name suggests, it can be used for defense or target practice. Attaches to any forearm of the skeleton.

Multi-Barrel & Multi-Magazine[]

The Multi-Barrel, along with the Multi-Magazine, shares a set of two removable segments, to provide options for adjusting the B-Daman's load capacity or extending the barrel for better accuracy.


Like with most IBA Body Cores, they're not interchangeable. It has a black Basic Trigger and Basic Hold Parts.