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Throughout the Crash B-Daman anime, there were characters who used generic 3 Block Gear System B-Damans, even the bad guys. 


These generic models usually have a curved, blocky, featureless helm. In their core, they have whatever Hold Parts that they are made with. For example, Kodoh Kuraki once owned a blue generic B-Daman whose Hold Parts has rollers on them.

Barrel: .67 Short Barrel[]

Most of these generic B-Damans are usually seen with the .67 Short Barrel, suggesting that it is a relatively popular Barrel part that is very commonly used.

Grip: Trigger Grip D or Trigger Grip A[]

  • Cover: Edge

The generic B-Damans are always seen with Trigger Grip A or D, suggesting that they are relatively standard issue among them. They also usually have the Edge Cover Parts.

Magazine: Loading Magazine[]

see Loading Magazine

Crash Weapon: Triple Launcher, Wide Cannon, or Grenade Shot[]

These generic B-Daman blasters also come with the Triple Launcher Crash Weapon equipped to them, suggesting that it's also a very popular component to use. Of course, they also use either the Wide Cannon or the Grenade Shot.





  • A first for this generation of B-Daman, there are no B-Damans that are designated "Proto", much like in Super B-Daman, Battle B-Daman, or B-Daman Crossfire.
  • Even though this particular model was not released in real life as a standalone B-Daman, it is possible to create the standard blue model with the dark blue Barrel and Trigger Grip of Blitz Garuda, the dark blue core of Evil Levioth and the gray trigger gears and lock parts of Magnum Ifrit. Also, minor modifications may have to be made to any helmet (preferably that of Evil Levioth) to recreate the plain and blocky helmet.