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Gill Scorpion (Japanese: ギルスコーピオン, Giru Sukoopion)  is a Rapid Fire-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman belonging to Haja. It was released in Japan in December 11th, 2004, and sold for 924円, while coming packaged with the Random Shot.

(Note: The statistics of this B-Daman are based on the game Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! GBA game)

Skeleton and Armor

Gill Scorpion features a black skeleton, to which all the Armor pieces can be attached.

Head Armor and Visor: Scorpion Visor

The large and red Scorpion Visor features a yellow line visor, along with a black rubber fin that can be used similarly like the Cobalt Power Blade as means of aiming. Lengthwise, it is one of the largest Visors.

Shoulder Armor: Gill Shoulder

The Gill Shoulder pieces are wide and of an intimidating design, with black rubber tips.

Wrist Armor: Scissor Arm

The Scissor Arms each have a pair of rubber claws, along with a sticker with a black scorpion design.

Foot Armor: Scissor Foot

The Foot Armor of Gill Scorpion, each piece of the Scissor Foot feature a pair of rubber claws, to provide better grip on the floor of the playing field.

Magazine Armor: Long Magazine

Contrary to the name, the Long Magazine increases the load capacity of Gill Scorpion by only a small amount.

Quick Loading Core

The Quick Loading Core features a slot with three prongs on its underside, that allows the user to load B-Dama from the floor of the playing field by lifting the B-Daman up, and engulfing the slot onto the B-Dama. It also features a long, orange Trigger for rapid fire, in addition to two orange Hold Parts.

Other Versions

  • Gill Scorpion Justice Ver. - A prize B-Daman given out at tournaments that were held at AEON Co., Ltd. shopping mall locations in Japan. White skeleton, Quick Loading Core with a red Trigger, and Long Magazine, and blue armor with red rubber parts. Also comes with a Random Shot that has a blue plastic half. Sold for 898円 at Jusco/AEON locations.
  • Gill Scorpion Clear Blue Ver. - Limited edition. Uses almost the same color scheme, but with clear colors, and the red parts are a clear yellow. Include Clear blue random shot. Sold for 1020円 in January 2005 at the Winter World Hobby Fair.
  • Gill Scorpion Clear Red Ver. - Full clear red armor and body of Gill Scorpion.


Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Gill Scorpion first debuted with its owner, Haja, in an Ultimate Strike challenge, where they had to knock down a row of pillars, and the player to knock down the most wins. Gill Scorpion showed its quick-reload ability, but was at a disadvantage when loading from that point, due to the fact that it wasn't on the ground and the barrel didn't fill, so the Strike Shot would keep falling out. With the Strike Shot, Gill Scorpion was shown to have immense power, having enough to knock down all but three pillars.

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