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A Gimmick, sometimes referred to as a "special feature", is a mechanical feature of a given B-Daman or accessory that enables it to perform some kind of atypical function above and beyond the most basic functionality of launching a marble.

Gimmicks are generally considered relative to the oldest and simplest B-Daman design, a horizontal set of flexible plastic hold claws set into a cavity about the size of the matching marble, with a trigger button mounted behind it such that pressing the trigger forward forces the marble through the claws, launching it forward with the springback force of the claws. The original Bomberman B-Daman was front-loading and featured no return spring on the trigger, arguably making the now-ubiquitous top-loading structure and trigger return springs the very first "gimmicks" even though they are now so standard that it is unusual to see a B-Daman lacking those features.

Gimmicks vary in complexity, from simple and widespread features such as extended magazines or bodies shaped to accommodate a comfortable shooting grip, to complex systems featuring mechanical gearing as seen in the Nautilus Poseidon's Rotary Drive System or even motorized components such as the Motor DHB Core used by the Mega Diablos

Recurring Gimmicks[]

These gimmicks have appeared repeatedly throughout B-Daman history, often seeing gradual elaboration or increased sophistication on each successive release with the gimmick but always recognizably featuring the same core functionality of the original gimmick. B-Daman bearing a recurring gimmick have often shared a similar aesthetic design to their predecessors, and even often occupy a similar place in the respective fiction of their associated series - such as the long-running fiery phoenix motif of B-Daman belonging to many series main protagonists, many of which are "power type" B-Daman featuring the Drive Shot gimmick. In addition to lineages of the same gimmick, some gimmicks such as the Rubber Strip form the foundation of a family of related gimmicks, all using a similar mechanism and used for variations of a similar mechanical purpose.

Magazine & Loading Gimmicks[]

  • Extended Magazine
    • Tornado Magazine
    • Quick-Loader Magazine
    • PET Bottle Magazine Adapter
  • Direct Loading
  • Wide Server

Aim & Accuracy Gimmicks[]

  • Extended Barrel
  • Course Navigator
  • Iron Sight
    • Aiming Scope
    • Mirror Scope
  • Laser Sight

Core & Hold Claw Gimmicks[]

  • Rubber Strip
    • Drive Shot
    • Side Spin Shot
    • Curve Shot
      • Variable Curve Shot
  • Roller Claws
  • Claw Tightening
  • Delta Claws
  • Burst Shot
  • Impact Shot
  • Short Stroke
  • Flywheel
  • Emblem Charge
  • Small Caliber
  • Large Caliber
  • Multi-Barrel

Trigger Gimmicks[]

  • Smash Trigger
  • Geared Trigger
    • Power Trigger
    • Speed Trigger
  • Trigger Guide Rail
  • Wide Trigger
  • Pull Trigger
  • Secondary Trigger
  • Trigger Pad

Grip & Handling Gimmicks[]

  • Control Grip
    • One-Handed Grip
    • Grip Wings
    • Adjustable Grip
  • Grip Body
  • Grip Friction Pads
  • Grip Magazine

Stability & Mobility Gimmicks[]

  • Dash Roller
  • Stabilizer Foot
  • Foot Friction Pads
  • Rolling Foot
  • Counterweight

Other Gimmicks[]

  • Combined Form
    • Linked Firing
  • Form Change
  • Strike Shot

System-wide Gimmicks[]

These gimmicks are so all-encompassing to a given B-Daman System that they form the foundation of the design of every B-Daman in the system.

  • Option Parts
  • Interchangeable Body Parts
  • Direct Hit Battle
  • Cartridge Shot

Unique Gimmicks[]

These gimmicks are so unusual that they have appeared only once in B-Daman history and cannot be clearly analogized to a feature on any other B-Daman.