Ginzou Ooguro [大黒 銀蔵(オオグロ ギンゾウ) Ooguro Ginzou] is a reccuring character in Crash B-Daman and a member of Team Black Horse.

Ginzou Ooguro
Basic Information
Hair Gray
Eyes Black
Age 12
Occupation B-Da Player

Member of Team Black Horse

B-Daman Generic Silver
Japanese Voice Actor Yoshikazu Nagano
English Voice Actor N/A


Ginzou is a 12 year old boy with gray hair and black eyes. Ginzou has dark skin and 2 moles on his face. Hinzo wears a orange long sleeve undershirt and black palm gloves. He also is always seen wearing his black and gray jacket.


Ginzou is a very cocky and obnoxious character. He believes that he is unbeatable and always taunts his opponent. He seems to have respect for his team mates and he does whatever they say.

Crash B-Daman

Ginzou debuts at the B-Center where he is defeating a amateur B-Da Player and taunting him. He is then challenged by Hitto Tamaga who Ginzou easily defeats. Hitto Tamaga later returns and defeats Ginzou with one powerful shot after a long fought battle by Ginzou.

Ginzou returns later when he sends his lackey Masawa to tell Hitto he wants a rematch, this is also where he is defeated by his older brother Kinzou for lacking attention to their battle. He is then seen with Team Black Horse building their fan base by handing out badges and such.

Battle Record

Crash B-Daman
Opponent Outcome
Anonymous Boy Win
Hitto Tamaga Win
Hitto Tamaga Lose
Kinzou Ooguro Lose
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