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Golden Bomberman B-Daman (Spin Ball) (Japanese: ゴールデンボンバーマンビーダマン(スピンボール), Gooruden Bonbaaman Biidaman (Supinbōru)) is a Control-Type B-Daman in Super B-Daman's Bomber System. It was released in November 1995 in Japan for 500円. It was Cerer's first B-Daman in the Super B-Daman manga.


Like most other toys in the Bomber System, Golden Bomberman is based on Hudson Soft's Super Bomberman for the Nintendo Super Famicom (Known as the SNES in Western countries). Its gimmick is that of the ability to fire curved shots, that which would be inherited by its successors, both series-specific and spiritually. Firing B-Dama from this B-Daman is achieved by pressing its antenna trigger, sending the marble down a ramp in the stomach and out the B-Daman's business end. There is a Hold Dial in the B-Daman's head with four Hold Parts, one of which having a roller. This dial can be rotated to adjust the firing mode of the B-Daman; one for Drive shots, one for Back-spin shots, and the last two for left- or right-curving shots.

Other Versions[]

  • Black Metal Bomberman (Spin Ball) - Limited edition re-color that comes included with two targets depicting Magnet Bomber and Plasma Bomber.


Due to the firing mechanism being in the head, it is impossible to load B-Dama from there. Despite this flaw, the hands are removable, and the feet can be attached to the Course Navigator. Due to its overall rarity nowadays, it is better to keep it as a collector's item.

Super B-Daman (manga)[]





  • It is the first B-Daman with the ability to fire curved shots.

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