Goldo is an antagonist in Battle B-Daman.

Basic Information
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Age 30
Occupation *Shadow Alliance Member
  • Trainer
  • B-Da Player
B-Daman Custom
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor {{{EngVoice}}}

Battle B-Daman

Goldo is first seen training soldiers in-front of his superiors Bakuri Benkai, Cybirin and Shooting Galaxy. He is confronted by Yamato, Grey, Terry and Bull while they are on their search for Liena Grace Vincent, because Yamato was infuriated when Goldo seals a trainee's spirit for failing to do 500 push ups. He is challenged by Terry and Bull and he is shown to have incredible strength, but Goldo is defeated after Bull and Terry combine their special moves and blow Goldo away. He is not seen again until the last episode, where he appears to have reformed, following Marda B's defeat.


  • Goldo talks in a Russian accent but uses a french lingo.
  • All of Goldo's insults are foreign pastries.
  • Most of Goldo's comments have to do with food.



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