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Grandpa Takakura (Japanese: 天宝院実篤(てんぽういん さねあつ), Tenpouin Saneatsu, Saneatsu Tenpouin) is a recurring character in B-Daman Crossfire. He is the head of the WBMA in the anime, and the Commissioner of the Crossfire

Grandpa Takakura
Ruri Grandpa.png
Basic Information
Hair Gray
Eyes Gray
Age 60's
Occupation Cross Fight Commissioner

The head of WBMA

B-Daman None
Japanese Voice Actor Yuzuru Fujimoto
English Voice Actor Lucien Dodge (Crossfire)
Alec Willows (Fireblast)

B-Daman Crossfire

He was first revealed by Rory Takakura herself as her grandfather and is the current Commissioner of Crossfire.