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Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
Gray Michael Vincent
Gray Fire Spirits
Biographical Information
Alias Hurricane Gray
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Age 13
Occupation B-DaPlayer
B-Daman Chrome Raven Cyclone

Chrome Harrier

Strike Shot Speed Shot

Bounce Shot

Special Move *Special Moves
  • Chrome Impact Slam
  • Cyclone Sonic
  • Quasar Storm
Behind the Scenes
Japanese Voice Actor Yūki Tai
English Voice Actor Kirk Thorton
First Appearance Episode 2
Latest Appearance {{{LastApp}}}
Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits Character

Gray Michael Vincent is the deuteragonist in Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! His current B-Daman is Chrome Raven Cyclone.


Gray appears almost the same as he did in Battle B-Daman. He is now fourteen but still has blonde hair and green eyes. He appears in his black undershirt instead of blue and white pants covered by his large brown cloak with red stripes and silver buttons and tassels. He still has his wizard hat along with the bandanna tied around it. His gloves and boots are also the same as they are maroon and tan with silver buttons. Lastly he still appears with his quick-draw B-Daman holder on his right hip.


Gray's personality has not changed either even though he is now a teenager. He is still almost always calm cool and collected along with his good sense of humor. Gray is rarely angry and irritated but can become frustrated during battle. Gray is easily also shocked and rarely discouraged due to that he is normally a kind and happy person.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits![]

Gray debuts in Fire Spirits searching for a strike shot when B-Da Mage mentions the tracking device. Gray is seen again when he searches for the speed shot where he is met by a masked Liena and the Shop Owner that Yamato has previously met. He tells them the challenge for the speed shot that takes Gray some time to complate but eventually gets it until it is stolen by Haja. Liena steals it back for Gray and when Haja complains Gray decides to battle for it. During their battle Haja cheats and knocks Gray down and Haja was about to hop on the chance to beat him until Liena saves him. After Liena is defeated Gray comes back and defeats Haja with his Chrome Impact Slam. After he and Liena talk some more they are interrupted by a vengeful Haja who Gray proceeds to blow away with his strike shot by using his new move "Cyclone Sonic". Gray returns to find Enjyu underground B-Da Battling only to lose on purpose. Gray confronts him about this and finds out that Enjyu is simply losing for money. After Enjyu leaves, Gray decides to enter the underground league and easily defeats his first opponent allowing him to battle Enjyu. Enjyu uses his superior knowledge of the cage and questionable tactics to defeat Gray in the first round. Gray uses his strike shot and his special move to defeat Enjyu in the second round. In the final round of the match Enjyu releasing his dormant anger and envy for Yamato to use his own special move to separate a piece from the spike ball which would hit Gray's zone before he could load his strike shot winning Enjyu the match. Gray returns in a B-Da Bar where he over hears Enjyu's infamy involving earning and discarding strike shots.

Battle Record[]

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
Opponent Result Battle Type
Haja No Result Direct Hit Battle
Haja Win Direct Hit Battle
Underground B-DaPlayer Win Cage DHB
Enjyu Lose Cage B-Daman Invasion