Gun Breaker
Product Code N/A
Type Rapid Fire
Price 819円
System Blaster Core System
Series Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
Release Dates
Japan February 2005
English N/A
Armor {{{armor}}}
Skeleton Zero2/Pale Green
Power 71
Rapid-Fire 45
Control 33
Owner Gunnos
First Appearance
Special Move(s) Wild Force
Helio Fias

Gigantic Grenade (GBA)

Gun Breaker (Japanese: ガンブレイカー, Gan Bureikā, Gun Braker) is a Rapid Fire-Type Blaster Core System B-Daman, and was the first B-Daman owned by Gunnos in the Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! anime. It was released in Limited Fire Spirits Collection, and is a variant of Helio Breaker. It also comes with a pack-in Metal Shot, if one gets it. 

(Note:The status of this B-Daman is based on the game "B-Daman Fire Spirits GBA") 

Skeleton & Armor

Gun Breaker has a pale green skeleton.

Head Armor and Visor: Helio Helmet

A whitish re-color of the original with orange eye designs, a red visor, green horns, and black line designs.


A white version of the normal yellow Buckle.

Arms: Power Arms

Whitish versions of the Power Arms, but serving the same purpose; squeezing in the Hold Parts for increased power.

Heel Armor: Stabilization Block

A re-color of the Stabilization Block with black line designs.

Foot Armor: Helio Foot

White with black lines, but the same design as the original.

Roller Core

Gun Breaker has a pale green Roller Core with dark green Hold Parts and rollers. Like any other Roller Core, it has an extension for adding one marble to the B-Daman's load capacity.

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