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Hajime Tamauchi (Japanese: 玉打 ハジメ (たまうちハジメ), Tamauchi Hajime) is the deutragonist of the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix. He is Enzi Hikigane's friend.


Hajime, upon discovering a marble after his 3DN's breakage.


Hajime is a young boy with short black hair, primarily round but with two spikes standing on his left. Three strands then droop on his forehead as he wears large, round glasses with a round face and ears.

Hajime wears a sweater with some details and white colouring on them along with jeans and white sneakers.


Hajime appears to be an excited boy who is also knowledgeable on B-Daman to some extent.


Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix[]

As Hajime Tamauchi strolls through his neighborhood with his 3DN handheld gaming console, he trips on a marble, dropping his 3DN in the process. When he discovers it to be broken, Hajime becomes irritated and attempts to find who did this, bringing the marble with him. To his surprise, he finds a boy lying on the floor - left unconscious, who upon scanning the marble in Hajime's hand, quickly stands up and takes it.

The boy, who introduces himself to Hajime as Enzi Hikigane and become friends, thanks Hajime because he found his B-Dama which he lost - now able to complete his collection of 100 million B-Dama. As Hajime is outraged by his collection, oil barrels accidentally let loose by trucks begin rolling down the town as civilians ran for their lives. While Hajime dashes away, he cannot help but find Enzi running the opposite way to reveal his B-Daman, Spike=Phoenix, in order to stop the barrels.



  • Hajime's 3DN is a spoof of the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console by the high-profile Japanese gaming company, Nintendo.
  • Tamauchi (たまうちハジメ) means "within the sphere" while its Kanji form (玉打) literally translates to "hitting ball".