Hanbei Takeichi
Hanbei fullbody
Basic Information
Hair Silver
Eyes Brown
Age 11
Occupation B-Der
Dark Lizard Elite
B-Daman Iron Odin
Japanese Voice Actor Sayaka Aida
English Voice Actor

Hanbei Takeichi (Japanese: 竹市 伴平 タケイチ ハンペイ, Takeichi Hanbei) is a character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman. His B-Daman is Iron Odin.


Hanbei is a boy of short stature. He has tanned skin, silver hair with a noticeable cowlick and brown eyes. He wears a yellow and white striped long scarf around his neck. His outfit is the same as Daizou Ohka, a teal and white Dark Lizard top, teal pants, white fingerless gloves and brown shoes.


Hanbei is a very haughty and overconfident boy whose also a master of deception. He uses his innocent looks to his advantage in order to fool Hitto and his friends into trusting him. Despite being just a young boy, Hanbei is notably the one who successfully kidnapped both Professor Trigger and Professor Tamaga.

Of all the Four Kings of Dark Lizard, Hanbei is also the most loyal to the Saionji Corporation. He made it clear that he follows their orders without question unlike the three others. However, when the Saionji disposed of him and everyone else from Dark Lizard; Hanbei desperately wanted to cling to Saionji and prove his worth as an indespensable ally.



Crash B-Daman



  • He is most likely named after Takenaka Hanbei, a strategist in the Warring States period of Japan.


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