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Hayato Tamaga [玉賀 隼人(タマガ ハヤト) Tamaga Hayato] is a character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Hayato is an elderly man with shoulder-length grey hair tied to a ponytail and light brown eyes. He wears western style clothes consisting of light tan-colored jacket, pants and red short-sleeved shirt.

During his preteen years, Hayato resembles a younger version of his son, Koutarou and his voice resembles that of his hotblooded grandson. He has messy black hair, wears a light tan vest over his red shirt, red fingerless gloves, dark brown shorts and white shoes.


Hayato is a caring person who never leaves anyone behind. He is a voice of reason and empowerment to those who are around him. He also loves to tell stories about the Seven Legendary B-Ders to his son and grandchildren.



Hayato Tamaga is the grandfather of Hitto Tamaga and is one of the former Seven Legendary B-Ders.

Crash B-Daman[]

In Episode 5; Nana recalls the stories about the Seven Legendary B-Ders which her grandfather Hayato would tell them about during their childhood days.

In the final episode, Hitto sees a glimpse of a younger Hayato assisting to help one of their friendsKanbei Sanada whose injured in battle. He and Shuuta Tsukino help Kanbei stand back up and before vanishing into the horizon; Hayato encourages Hitto to gather the Seven chosen ones despite the overwhelming odds.


Hayato is one of the previous Seven Legendary B-Ders. He and his friends won the great battle against the Saionji Corporation.