Hitto Tamaga (玉賀必人 Tamaga Hitto) is the main character of Crash B-Daman.

Hitto Tamaga
Biographical Information
Hair Black
Eyes Orange
Age 11
Occupation B-Da Player
B-Daman *Magnum Ifrit


Hitto Tamaga is a 11 year old boy with black hair and orange eyes. He wears his signature headband.  The headband is  colored blue and yellow with pearls that look much like B-Da Balls. Hitto wears a red t-shirt with a white vest and matching red gloves. On his gloves he has white pads, he also wears tan shorts and a brown utility belt. He wears white shoes with red and yellow straps and designs.


Hitto is a lonely and very unfortunate boy. But he always stays in his up right attitude. He characteristics are much like that of Yamato Delgado of Battle B-Daman being always happy and rarley discouraged. He is very close to his family always missing his father and being very friendly with his cousin Nana. Hitto is also very nervous and guity always apoligizing and over worring about things. All of these attributes also give Hitto the stregth to be the great B-Da Player he is.

Crash B-Daman

Hitto debuts in Crash B-Daman heading to his house for his eleventh Birthday, he is shown to be very accident prone when he keeps crashing into things and constantly apoligizing for his problems. He heads home to find only his cousin Nana celebrating his birthday but instead of being sad he is gratefull and the two celebrate his birthday. Though before the party Hitto calls for his They are interrupted by Hitto's long lost father's gift, his new B-Daman Magnum Ifrit. He and Nana head to the B-Da Center where they find a fair opponent for Hitto to face name Hinzo. This is also where he meets Konta who helps him equip for the battle. Without any proper training Hitto simply embarress himself and is easily defeated by Hinzo in a Crash Tower Battle. Later on with the help of Konta he trains with Magnum Ifrit. He challeges Hinzo again, Hitto starts off slow but eventually knocks down Hizo's tower with one powerfull shot. The next day Hitto is challenged by Hizo's partener Masawa to come and meet Team Black Horse. Hitto then goes off to train where he meets Konta once again and Konta tells him to visit Mr. Uika to better equipt his B-Daman. He then heads back to the B-Center to challege Team Black Horse, here Konta joins him to challnge them to a tag team crash tower match.


  • Hitto slightly resembles Ginga Hagane from the Beyblade Metal Saga.
  • He has many similiarites to Yamato Delgado
    • They are both the same age
    • They are both always happy and messing around
    • They both start out as amatuer B-Da Players and rise to the top of the B-Da World
    • They both recieve their first B-Daman on their 11th birthday


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