The four, primary Holy Beasts.

The Holy Beasts are the central B-Damans and a major plot device appearing in the anime series, Cross Fight B-Daman eS.


Long ago, the Ultimate Holy Beasts, the Phoenix and the Kirin sealed their spirits into vessels for the battle to come for the fate of Crest Land. They indeed fought, in the first game of B-Daman ever played in Crest Land, where the Phoenix had triumphed and the Kirin and its priests became embittered at this defeat.

Centuries later, Right=Drake, one of the component B-Damans of the Kirin, Triple=Gillusion, was found by Himiko Godai and given to her middle-born son, Ryoma. The other B-Daman, Left=Starion, was discovered in a cave by Genya Ankokuji, who worked for the prominent Shiranui Corporation. Knowing of the ancient legends, seeking to gain power and riches (by selling dangerous Core System weapons for profit), and being a descendant of the Kirin's priests, Genya gives Left=Starion to Ryoma, resurrecting Triple=Gillusion, which then took control of his mind. As for Spike=Phoenix, it laid dormant in a casket on Phoenix Battle Island, which would rise up from the depths of the sea.


Cross Fight B-Daman eS

B-Daman Owner B-Animal
Drive=Garuburn Kamon Godai Vermilion Bird of the South
Kreis=Raydra Byakuga Shiranui White Tiger of the West
Rising=Dracyan Riki Ryugasaki Azure Dragon of the East
Gatling=Deathshell Genta Ankokuji Black Tortoise of the North
Triple=Gillusion Ryoma Godai Qilin
Spike=Phoenix None Phoenix



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