Hox is a minor character in Battle B-Daman.

English Voice Actor Steve Kramer
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Age 12
Occupation Painter
Non Battle Character


Hox is an oddly shaped pre-teenage boy. He has no hair but has black eyebrows and black eyes. Hox wears a lawn jockey outfit with basic colors of blue and red. Hox appears to look much like a puppet due to the stitches on the sides of his body and his mouth shape along with a lack of teeth. He wears a red t-shirt with blue overalls and red gloves.


Hox is a very calm artistic boy. He is usually fairly jumpy and scares easily. Hox seems to be a very happy child always smiling and never seen frowning. He is a proud artist with a wide span of imagination that he is not afraid to share with the B-Da World.

Battle B-Daman

Hox debuts when Yamato and others return from the IBA Winners Tournament. Hox is first introduced by the B-Da Mage who explains that Hox has been in the series making cameos in several episodes. Hox is confronted by Yamato to asks him to paint a picture of him and his friends. Hox is later seen several times in Cowtune while the B- Da World was being taken over by the Neo Shadow Alliance but strangely Hox is never affected. Hox is last seen with every other character in Battle B-Daman displaying his picture in the final scene of the series.



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