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Hybrid Cannon
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The Hybrid Cannon (Japanese: ハイブリットキャノン, Haiburiddokyanon) is a Synchro Weapon introduced in the Crash B-Daman toyline.


The Hybrid Cannon is a combination synchro weapon constructed by mounting the magazine from the Beat Launcher and the barrel from the Tactical Shot to the same weapon core, with both individual weapons having identical cores such that either may be used to form the Hybrid Cannon. Like all synchro weapons, it is designed to fire simultaneously with the B-Daman equipping it, via a mechanical connection between the weapon's trigger and the B-Daman's trigger grip. Thanks to possessing both the magazine and barrel, the Hybrid Cannon features the gimmicks of both its component weapons: the capacity for four continuous shots in a row and the ability to set the barrel to left, center, or right angles to direct the launched B-Dama.


The Hybrid Cannon may be equipped by any Crash B-Daman equipped with a SWS trigger grip, enabling synchronized shooting with the B-Daman. The only set containing a complete Hybrid Cannon is the SWS Try Set, which includes both a Justice Ifrit and all the parts to construct a Hybrid Cannon in a matching red and black colour scheme.