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Ichibee Sanada [真田 一兵衛(サナダ イチベエ) Sanada Ichibee] is a character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Ichibee is a long-haired frail, elderly man wearing traditional Japanese clothes.


Despite being ill and frail, Ichibee's high sense of honor took over his sense of judgment. He never backs down from a fight and takes Ichigensai Miyoshi's challenge even if he knew that a loss will cost them the name of their Dojo. He would instill these qualities to his son, Jubee until his death.



Ichibee Sanada is the father of Jubee Sanada and the son of Kanbei Sanada, a former Seven Legendary B-Ders B-Ders|Legendary B-Der]].

Crash B-Daman[]

Ichibee makes only one appearance during the third episode in which Jubee reminisces his ailing father's devastating loss against the Miyoshi patriarch. He is Jubee's reason to strive becoming a powerful and honorable warrior.


Ichibee is seen losing a Crash Tower battle against the patriarch of the rival Miyoshi clan.


  • His name is a wordplay on the name of his son in which Ju means ten while Ichi means one.