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Ichigensai Miyoshi [美吉 一元斎(ミヨシ イチゲンサイ) Miyoshi Ichigensai] is a minor character appearing in the anime series, Crash B-Daman.


Ichigensai is an elderly man with a short dark grey hair and light grey eyes. His wears a white Kung Fu style clothes with teal and yellow trimmings.


Ichigensai values his family's name above all else even if it means engaging an ill man to a one-on-one duel. As such, he appears ruthless and obsessive. However, despite that, he cares a lot for his son and for his students in the B-Dojo.



Ichigensai Miyoshi is the father of Kazuma Miyoshi and the patriarch of the Miyoshi clan which is rival to the Sanada clan.

Crash B-Daman[]

Ichigensai makes only one appearance during the third episode in which he is first seen with his son, Kazuma, in the B-Dojo. Jubee arrives and challenges Ichigensai to a B-Daman battle in order to bring back the Sanada Dojo sign that Ichigensai took when Jubee was still little. Ichigensai agrees and brings Jubee to where the Sign is currently placed.


Ichigensai is seen to have fought two battles. The first one is during Jubee's flashback in which the Miyoshi patriarch challenges the ill Ichibee Sanada to a Crash Tower Battle. Ichigensai wins this battle and takes the Sanada Dojo Sign as his prize.

The second battle that Ichigensai fought is against Jubee in the present day of the series. He loses that battle.