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Ifrit (Japanese: イフリト Ifurito) is the true main protagonist of the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


Ifrit's wisp appears as a bird-like being.


Ifrit is a soul that cares for the safety of all that Hitto deems as important in his life. If anything bad should happen to them, Ifrit will go to great lengths to save them. Failure to save them would cause Ifrit to awaken in a frenzied state.



Crash B-Daman (Manga)[]

Ifrit was first thought to be the spirit which lies inside of the "Magnum Ifrit" B-Daman that Hitto Tamaga received from his father for his eleventh birthday. Ifrit is so powerful that it caught the attention of the Evil Deity Organization. In reality, the said organization is not after the "Magnum Ifrit" in the strict sense of the word. Their true plan is; by taking away the Magnum Ifrit, the Magajin will be able to draw in the true Ifrit to their lair.

In reality, Ifrit is not inside the "Magnum Ifrit" B-Daman but rather it is Hitto's true soul as well as his true form. The B-Daman is merely a synchronization device which is used to bring out the power of the wielder. In this case, it's used to draw out Hitto's true soul. This is evidenced by the fact that Ifrit gets stronger every time Hitto is encouraged and weakens every time Hitto is discouraged or disheartened.

During the penultimate battle in the Magajin Successors' Tournament; Ifrit had a rude awakening following the "death" of "Professor Tamaga" and ran amok. Ifrit, through the upgraded Justice Ifrit B-Daman, blasted Bahamut to his humiliating defeat.

Ifrit was able to calm down when the real Professor Tamaga showed up and greeted his son. Later on, Hitto is able to grasp his true soul and brought the defeat of Tycoon Shou.


Ifrit fought two battles and won both of them. The first is against Bahamut and the second is against Tycoon Shou