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Ijūin Atsumasa (Japanese: 圧政伊集院(あつまさ いじゅういん), Atsumasa Ijuuin) is a former antagonist of the anime and manga series, Super B-Daman. His current B-Daman is König Cerberus. He is the Leader of the King B-Ders team, and they entered the All-Japan B-Daman Championship. He once harbored a fierce grudge for his former classmate, Cerer. During King B-Ders' last battle with Team Guts, Ijūin faced Cerer, but after breaking his finger, she won. Despite King B-Ders' loss, his sanity returned and subsequently devoted his time to "special training".


Ijūin originally had turquoise hair, but later became white. Of a light skin complexion, he has black eyes with a sharp nose. He is clad in a uniform consisting of a long, black tank top highlighted with white diamond-shaped accents. He also uses black shoulder-pads with white highlights and black wristband. Lastly, he uses white shorts with white socks and black shoes.

This uniform is shared with his teammates, Hōjō Akira and Saotome Motōtoko of King B-Ders.


Ijūin is notorious for his vile mindset. As Super B-Daman's beginning antagonist, he was cruel, uncaring, and ruthless. So ruthless, that he demolished Tamago's Fighting Phoenix. However, his loss against Cerer (Tamago in the anime) caused him to regain his sanity. Turning cheerfully bright once more, his ways changed and became caring, compassionate and kind. In short, a lot nicer.



Prior to leading the King B-Ders team, Ijūin Atsumasa was Cerer's former classmate in school.

Super B-Daman (manga)[]

Becoming the leader of King B-Ders, Ijūin Atsumasa entered the All-Japan B-Daman Championship through the qualifier round with his B-Daman, the fearsome König Cerberus. At one point in time, he was forced to lose on purpose in a tennis match against Cerer, which greatly affected him. Since then, he constantly changed schools while his sense of pride was scarred, no longer being bright and cheerful. Alongside this, the more "pure" white his hair became, the more relentlessly people bullied him.

In the first round, Ijūin aimed to show off the power of König Cerberus in his battle against Tamago Tosaka. The outcome consisted of Ijūin destroying Tamago's Fighting Phoenix in the process.

The championship's final phase featured Ijūin in an anticipated rematch with Sarah. Despite his tenacity to win, a tightening shot caused one of his finger bones to break; disabling him. Cerer was claimed victory by default with Team Guts winning the Championship. Although his team lost, Ijūin regained his sanity and thus reverted to being "bright and cheerful". He underwent "special training", subsequently.

Super B-Daman (anime)[]


  • Three Claws - Ijuin's first B-Daman in the anime. Capable of High Speed Drive Shots.
  • König Cerberus - Ijūin's second B-Daman; it has the motif of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of Hades.



  • Atsumasa (集院) is a Japanese word meaning "tyranny", complimenting his role as King B-Ders' leader.