Ikki Kida
Ikki Kida
Basic Information
Hair White
Eyes Red
Occupation West Village Chief
B-Daman Emperor Dragon
Japanese Voice Actor Shōto Kashii
English Voice Actor

Ikki Kida 鬼田 一機(キダ イッキ Kida Ikki) is a minor antagonist in the anime series Crash B-Daman. His B-Daman is Emperor Dragon.


Ikki is an elderly man wearing an intimidating Samurai-like armor. In the flashback, Ikki is shown to have white hair styled similarly to Kodoh.


Ikki is an extremely greedy man who only cared about expanding the West Village until it totally conquered Hell Island. He is also very ill-tempered as evidenced with him taking out his Emperor Dragon to shoot CCTV Monitors.



Ikki is the feared tyrant of the Hell Island's West Village. Every month when the East vs West battle is held, Ikki and his henchmen, the Tiger Unit, would use every possible dirty trick to sequester the remaining parts of the island from the East Village. 

Ikki Kida has ties with the Saionji Konzern and was the last testament of the Saionji Corporation in the previous battle against the Seven Legendary B-Ders. Ikki bears intense grudge on B-Daman due to his devastating lost in the past against the former Legendary B-Der who once wielded Shade Wyvern and Rave Pegasus.

Crash B-Daman

Ikki Kida was unable to accept his defeat against Hitto Tamaga and the East Side Villagers. He also would not let Kyousuke Arasaki's orders to execute him be carried out. So he took matters upon his own hands by indiscriminately firing against a huge column in the West Fortress, all while proclaiming his last words of hatred against B-Ders on Hitto. He dies after that huge column collapses on him.




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