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The original logo of the JBA

The All-Japan B-Daman Associaton (JBA for short), was the sanctioning body for the B-Daman hobby since the mid-1990s, featured in Super B-Daman, Battle B-Daman, and Crash B-Daman. As the name suggests, the JBA was the Japanese sanctioning body for B-Daman, and usually host tournaments and special events. In Battle B-Daman, it went by the "Japan B-Daman Association" (but still kept the JBA initials), the International B-Daman Association (IBA) to Western audiences, and Korea B-Daman Association (KBA) to South Korean audiences.

Super B-Daman[]

Battle B-Daman[]

In Battle B-Daman, the IBA is the worldwide sanctioning body for B-Daman in the B-DaWorld, hosting tournaments and events throughout. Every year, they host their biggest tournament, the IBA Winners Tournament.

Crash B-Daman[]

The JBA, again is the sanctioning body for B-Daman. They promote peace through the sport of B-Daman, that which drew contempt from the Saionji Konzern as a matter of principle, since the latter creates destructive weaponry. The JBA also host the B-1 Crash Cup.

In Real Life[]

The B-Daman sanctioning body is just Takara-Tomy (Takara at the time) hosting B-Daman tournaments and events in real life, sometimes with help from CoroCoro Comic. The logo, or at least the initials, can be found on certain B-Daman products.


It was renamed to the WBMA for B-Daman Crossfire and B-Daman Fireblast.